Thanksgiving Show ‘n’ Tell

Happy Thanksgiving!
Here’s a quick Show-and-Tell of the week’s nearby nature.
My challenge is to Tell each in only one sentence…

  1. Sweetgum leaves and seed-capsules on a sunny sidewalk:

2) Frost-flower “blooms” on winged stems of White Crownbeard:

3) Pokeweed loaded with berries for birds:

4) Black Walnuts in the curb (for squirrels, because I forgot to go back and steal them for me):

5) Coral honeysuckle still blooming on my mailbox:

6) A frosty yard Violet:

7) Birds-nest fungus in a tree-less, tree-hole of a parking lot (each “nest” is half the size of a Cheerio): 

8) Storm-Grate Leaf rescue (where I met Jen: a neighbor I’ve only seen from a distance!):

9) Organic bounty from Richland Park Farmers’ Market:

10) Gingko Leaf-Drop (we have more than enough Gingko trees in Nashville, but their synchronous Leaf-Drop should not be missed):

11) My new-to-me Willow-leaf Aster still going strong for late pollinators like this honeybee with pollen saddlebags:

What I can’t Show…
is how grateful I am for all of the above,
and for this rainy Thanksgiving with all my Beloveds,
and for YOU.

Thank you for reading.

More info:

Sweetgum / Liquidamber styraciflua (My recent post on Instagram, about the leaves and seeds).

Frostflowers (My SidewalkNature post about these ice marvels on Verbesina virginica and other plants.)

Pokeweed / Phytolacca americana info and how wildlife use it (from

Bird’s Nest Fungus / Nidulariaceae (A good post from the the Univ. of Florida Extension Agency).

Yard violets” (My recent post about my favorite wildflower ground cover, the Common Blue Violet).

Black Walnut / Juglans nigra (My post about using wild Black Walnut as food and dye).

Coral honeysuckle / Lonicera sempervirens (Good info here at Hummingbirds use the flowers, and the leaves are a larval host for adorable clearwing moth caterpillars.

Willow-leaf Aster / Symphyotrichum praealtum


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Joanna Brichetto is a naturalist and writer in Nashville, the hackberry-tree capital of the world.
She writes about everyday marvels amid everyday habitat loss, and her essays have appeared in Creative NonfictionBrevity, Fourth Genre, Hippocampus, The Hopper, Flyway, The Common, Stonecrop Review, The Fourth River and other journals.

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