I looked for a blog dedicated to local nature observations, so I could compare notes and learn and share and ready myself for new experiences. I couldn’t find many. Why?  Please let me know if you’ve got one, or know of one.

I’m a volunteer Tennessee Naturalist with the Tennessee Naturalist Program, class of 2012, Owl’s Hill Chapter. I can retain certification with 40 hours of volunteer work every year, and 8 Continuing Ed hours. What am I certified to do? Go forth into schools and organizations and work for free.

As much as I am made fidgety by missionaries—any missionaries—there are times I feel like one, myself. I don’t want to preach, but I do want to help spread the good word of Where We Are: Tennessee habitat, and specifically, Middle Tennessee Central Basin habitat. To know our own place is to love it, and to love it is to want to protect it.

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