Sidewalk signs


Of all the sidewalks in all the towns in all the world, this label dropped onto mine.

I looked down on my dawn walk a block from the Interstate, and saw this plant label: a nursery tag for my favorite native grass, Little Bluestem.

Right now, whole meadows of Little Bluestem are waving in Middle Tennessee cedar glades: thigh-high seas of wintery coppers and golds.
Can’t help interpreting this morning’s label as a sign to go see some today.


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Cedar Glade Trash: Couchville

I’m a fan of leaving “historic” trash in protected cedar glades. If you tell visitors cedar glades were used as dumps in the old days, they’ll probably forget. If you show visitors, they’ll probably remember. Old trash is in-your-face evidence that trash-land was trashed. Continue reading “Cedar Glade Trash: Couchville”

Couchville Cedar Glade 7/5/16

The day after July 4th is a let-down because of the firework tents. Fireworks are legal to sell in Wilson County, so that’s where we go to buy. Most of June, there’s a retail tent at each big intersection, as well as at intersections big only to folks who have to cross them every day. Till yesterday, the tents were lined with tables decked with patriotic skirting, and full of customers buying armloads of flammable goodies. Tax is figured on  solar calculator or iPad, depending on demographic of the seller. Continue reading “Couchville Cedar Glade 7/5/16”

John and Hester Lane Cedar Glade (6/25/16)

Yesterday’s Division of Natural Areas hike was at a glade new to me: John and Hester Lane Cedar Glade. Look what happens to a cedar thicket after a managed burn:

prairie coneflower meadow

I’ve never seen so many prairie coneflower (Ratibida pinnata) in one place.
How long had those seeds slept in shade till freed by fire? Continue reading “John and Hester Lane Cedar Glade (6/25/16)”

Couchville Cedar Glade after winter rain

the trail

Couchville Cedar Glade is a family favorite because it’s easy to get to and the loop trail is only one mile. Sometimes, we walk with people for whom one mile of Nature is enough. Proximity to a Sonic drive-in is another plus. Our Pavlovian response to a walk at Couchville involves Tater Tots and vanilla shakes. Continue reading “Couchville Cedar Glade after winter rain”