Parthenon Pawpaw

A windfall pawpaw yellow, overripe, and nibbled by ants is still a pawpaw.

I felt guilty taking these from Centennial Park, and within sight of the Parthenon, but they’d fallen and they couldn’t get up.
No foraging allowed in a Metro park.

centennial pawpaw tree

A homeless man sitting in a swing watched me. The couples who walked past did not.

pawpaw underneath, centennial

These pawpaws are from a cultivar, not my beloved redneck species in the woods, and I was curious if I’d see a difference in percentage of seed to pulp and in number of seeds.

Not much.

Centennial pawpaw cut
these seeds won’t be wasted

I felt SO guilty, I decided to bring the dissected pawpaws back to the park. Something will eat them, even if just the ants which already started. And who knows, maybe a seed will make its way to some fertile nook conducive to germination and beyond?


I noticed the leaf and flower buds are already set for next spring. The former is a pointy paintbrush bristle, and the latter a blob. Both are soft and fuzzy, and both are the same maroon as will be the spring flower.

pawpaw buds parthenon
Buds on the Parthenon pawpaw today
pawpaw bloom 2015
Pawpaw blooms April 2016, Warner Park Nature Center
pawpaw flower w crab spider
Pawpaw flower April 2016, Warner Park Nature Center (the crab spider waits for pollinators)



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  1. Jo, a beautiful entry as with all others. AM learning a lot. Awaiting a possible?? big book with all. Really a gem!

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