Backyard Bats

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photo from @Stonecrop.Review on Instagram, link below

I’ve got a short piece about backyard bats in the “Sky” issue of Stonecrop Review: “a journal of urban nature writing, art & photography.” The essay is called “Same Bat Time.”

And dayeinu—this would have been enough—but Holly McKelvy, one of the editors, made artwork for my essay and matched the tone perfectly perfect.

The whole issue is online and free, and I’ve cued the link to my essay here:…/Stonecrop-Issue3-singlepa…

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What I want to know is:
Do you have bats in your dusk / dawn sky?

(photo from @Stonecrop.Review on Instagram)


5 thoughts on “Backyard Bats

  1. I used to have bats, but over the past 3 years, they have disappeared. I’m wondering if I install a bat box if they’ll return. I miss them!

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