If You Like Wisteria

wisteria 21st
Wisteria floribunda at 2400 21st Ave. South

If you like wisteria,

If you can momentarily forget this is the exotic wisteria classed as invasive here,

If you need to lie on a blanket and see sky through cascades of blue-violet racemes,

and if allergies permit fragrance in Surround Sound,

go to the front lawn of the old Catholic Diocese on 21st Avenue South. Evening air intensifies the scent.


While there, note:

  • Two-toned violets in the lawn.
  • A few red-orange crossvine trumpets overhead in the honeysuckle.
  • ½ inch-long baby oak leaves, fuzzy and pink, emerging from buds. Tomorrow they will be less fuzzy, less pink, and more long.
  • The limestone and structure of the dry-stack wall as fronts 21st, and the perpendicular bit as separates the lawn from the dentist next door.
    Speculate how old each might be and who made them.
  • The fact that by next wisteria season, all this could be gone. The lot is scheduled for sale and development. Hello, mixed-use high rise.


And then, slip around the back of the Diocese to decipher the curious graffiti and tell me what the heck it means.

Viola sororia
dry-stack wall
dry-stack wall perpendicular to 21st
baby oak leaves
emerging leaves and catkins on white oak
diocese grafitti
Michael found it. Note fire under the “leaf.” It bothers me that the Christological figure isn’t centered on the (masonry) joint…