If You Give a Mouse a Gingko Fruit

ginko fresh fruit
fresh ginkgo

You know the children’s book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Well, I know what happens if you give a mouse a ginkgo fruit. It isn’t quite the same story, and it would not make a bestselling picture book.

I do have pictures, though. As of today, I can provide photographic and anecdotal evidence that ripe ginkgo pulp triggers immediate and comprehensive relief of house mouse constipation.

Not that I suspected our mice of having any health problems. The tribe that overwinters in our basement every year are as fat and sleek and uncatchable as mice should be. I’m familiar with their ways, including “tracks.” But I tell you, the situation discovered on the kitchen counter this morning is unlike anything I’ve seen. As I said: comprehensive relief.

The stinky fruit pulp is in shreds, and the evidence of digestive um, culmination is right there beside it, in a sausage string arrangement that speaks of sudden and prolonged urgency.

This didn’t happen with the Hershey kiss last week. The wrapper was reduced to tiny bits, the paper Hershey banner ignored, the chocolate gone, yes, but no hint of intestinal response.

I knew I had mice, but did not know they or anything else would eat stinko ginkgo pulp.

I knew I had gingko fruit but did not know I left it out all night, nor what effect it might have upon mice guts.

And now, I know too much.
As do you.
You’re welcome.

ginkgo fruit and mouse scat
ginkgo fruit and mouse scat