Hackberry sapwood

Celtis occidentalis
Hackberry sapwood

Last week’s wind took our neighbor’s big tree down just after midnight. The neighbor is absentee, unreachable and still doesn’t know his tree ended up in Next Door’s kitchen.
Oh, the many, many tree cookies I could have cut with a power saw and a powerful arm (I have neither). I did sneak over and haul back anything I could carry, like this curved strip of shreddy fibers, clean, white, strong.

Hackberry trees get a bum rap for many reasons, some of them legit. I admit they tend to be weak in storms and soggy ground. Did you hear about the big one that fell atop Admissions visitors to Vandy two days ago? I started to drive over to see if I could find out exactly why, but then realized that by that time, all was tidied away, trucked out, swept up. I hope they give those kids compensatory financial aid. Hackberry Scholarships all around.

Fingers crossed tonight’s projected storms don’t tempt more trees to topple.