Driveway-Crack Flowers: Evening Primrose

Evening primrose
Evening primrose

Today’s native flower pic is courtesy of our accidental driveway-crack garden. This Evening primrose (Oenothera biennis) was a volunteer rosette sprouting beneath the water barrel last summer, and now it is so tall I wonder if my bats might be swooping down to gulp the moths that pollinate it at night.

The yellow flowers open after I’ve gone to bed, and when I come out before dawn there are already bruises on the petals, indicating rough pollinator action or maybe a bat strike?

Look at that cross-shaped stigma, awaiting pollen, proud above the other bits. Bumblebees were already at it by 5:30am, wearing the yellow from head to foot.

“Fragrant,” supposedly, but the dominant note I detect is that of paper pepper packets from fast food cutlery (in a good way).

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