Warner Park 4/20/14: Firepink

Catchfly.  Because it catches flies.
Catchfly. Because it catches flies.

There isn’t much Firepink on the Mossy Ridge Trail, at least not on the little section we frequent. Maybe 3 plants up the hill and one below.  This year, I discovered the common name, Catchfly. It certainly does. Catch flies.  My bright photo shows the bodies of many hapless insects stuck fast in the sticky stem, buds, leaves and flowers.

The guide books say Firepink’s hazards preference pollinators which fly rather than crawl, because the former are more efficient. The latter merely take nectar without taking or leaving pollen. Firepink is not an equal-opportunity nectar fest as is say, Spring Beauty, which lays a spread open for all.

Beware all ye who crawl here.