Field Trip Leavings (Meadow Tree Trail)

Honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos)

Field Trip Leavings is a short essay I wrote after an autumn ramble through the Meadow Tree Trail at Warner Park Nature Center. I’m delighted to report it has been published in The Fourth River“a journal of nature and place-based writing published by Chatham University’s MFA in Creative Writing Programs.”

Click here to go directly to the essay on page 64 of the online issue (the same as 70 in the PDF document). Note the toggle doodad to zoom closer to the teeny print.

I hope you enjoy it.

If you are nearby (Nashville) and fancy a walk along the trail, now’s the perfect time.
Click here for a printable map of the Meadow Tree Trail and tree list.

The map is optional of course, but with it, walkers know to veer toward the hills after the last marked tree, and to join the wooded hiking trail along Vaughan’s Creek. This elevates the stroll to a proper, if mild, hero’s journey: the requisite loop. A loop also brings the number of habitats sampled in one short walk to a total of four: field, meadow, woods and creek. Even a legit lazy walker will admit this is a sweet deal.

And, here’s the main link to Warner Park Nature Center, should you wish more info.